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Join the Institute for Experiential AI for this one-of-a-kind series of events spanning four days, featuring AI experts discussing best practices in AI and how and why Responsible AI is important to the future of business.


The Responsible AI (RAI) Workshop will bring together the world leaders in RAI to define, discuss, and develop the essential elements of adequate RAI frameworks, best practices, and ‘grand challenges’ in the field. The goal of this workshop is to connect and bridge existing conceptualizations of RAI frameworks and define the essential elements of a RAI framework, to allow adequate implementation of RAI in businesses and organizations.

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Looking to hear about best practices for your business on using AI responsibly? Or how Generative AI is opening up new opportunities for organizations? Day 2 will consist of our primary keynote speaker and presentations throughout the day from experts in AI.

During our day and a half executive training, industry leaders will connect and learn about Responsible AI strategy and how to deploy it in their business for optimized results in scale, sustainability, and success. Participants will complete the training equipped to lead the Responsible AI integration and operationalization in their organization.


On October 19, the career fair will bring together companies who seek to build data science and AI teams that work with Northeastern’s deep bench of experienced AI talent, to develop the next generation of AI leaders.

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